10 jQuery HTML5 Audio Players

According to Buzz Angle Music, a total of 83 billion audio streams were consumed in U.S. alone in the first quarter of 2017. This marks a 61.2% increase over the previous quarter. Meanwhile, music sales dropped by 23.8%.

May 8th, 2017: This popular article was updated to reflect the currently available audio players and plugins.

One advantage of streaming is that the audience can enjoy their favorite music and on-line broadcasts without worrying about storage space on their devices. More and more people, especially the younger generation, are discovering this convenience as the availability of affordable Internet reaches more people.

If you would like to get into the streaming business, you could do a lot worse than to check out this list of HTML5 audio players I’ve compiled.

1. MediaElement.js


Currently one of the best open source media players for websites, MediaElement.js supports both video and audio. MediaElement.js is capable of playing media from local and third-party sources such as SoundCloud, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and Twitch. It can be configured with Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, Node, Meteor, Require.js and React.

The reason I’ve given this media player the top spot is that it’s still under active development. This means issues will be resolved faster and it will likely be kept up-to-date with the latest HTML5 standards and browser support.

2. SoundManager 2


SoundManager 2 is built to make it easier to deliver audio to desktop and mobile platforms. It has a powerful API that uses HTML5 audio where supported and optionally falls back to Flash where needed. It has no external dependencies and can be used with other JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery. Documentation is top notch, allowing developers to configure it for their needs. It supports playlists and multiple skins are available out of the box. Some of the websites using it include and BeatsMusic.

Development of this audio player has slowed down, but the open-source community is doing a great job resolving issues reported by users. Sound Manager 2 is really well designed and is still compatible with the latest browser standards. It currently supports all major browsers including IE6, Safari, and Android.

3. React-jPlayer


If you are looking for a jPlayer version that has no dependency on jQuery, then you are in luck (that is, if you are a React developer). React-jPlayer is a very new entry heavily inspired by jPlayer. It currently supports both audio and video. Modern browsers from IE9 and all modern mobile platforms are supported. This means older browsers such as IE6 and IE7 are not supported (not a big deal). It doesn’t use Flash as a fallback since iOS and Chrome have officially dropped support for it.

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