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10 Fresh and Free Plugins for Your WordPress

Category: Plugins, Wordpress

We all love our WordPress and the option of quickly extending its functionality. Thus I went for a deep dive into the ocean of the public plugin repository and found ten cool free plugins with useful functions for your WordPress. Enjoy trying them out.

1 – Contact Form 7 Multi-Step

Contact Form 7 Multi-Step

The plugin is an expansion for the popular contact from plugin Contact Form 7. If you happen to have created contact forms with a lot of fields, “Contact Form 7 Multi-Step” makes for more clarity by turning your form into a multi-step form.

Contact Form 7 Multi-Step (Free, WordPress) →

2 – Custom Product Stickers for Woocommerce

Custom Product Stickers for Woocommerce

The name says it all: set yourself apart from your competition using unique, very customizable stickers on your product images. You can easily edit the color, text, and placement of the stickers, allowing you to create a unique WooCommerce shop.

Custom Product Stickers for Woocommerce (Free, WordPress) →

3 – Contact Page With Google Map

Contact Page With Google Map

An easy and efficient way of designing independent contact pages with a cool Google map.

Contact Page With Google Map (Free, WordPress) →

4 – Tabbed Editor

Tabbed Editor

The Tabbed Editor is your anti-box charm. If your “Create Post” page is filled to the brim with plenty of meta boxes for tons of possible functions, this plugin clears it up by only displaying boxes that are not needed if you click a particular button. Highly recommended!

A Screenshot:

Tabbed Editor Screenshot

Tabbed Editor (Free, WordPress) →

5 – WooCommerce Fly Cart

A unique shopping cart for WooCommerce shops. Whenever a button like “Add to cart” is clicked, this Ajax shopping cart window opens. Of course, the design can be adjusted to your needs.

WooCommerce Fly Cart

WooCommerce Fly Cart (Free, WordPress) →

6 – Secure Frontend Ajax Login

You have a member website or a WooCommerce shop? If so, you should consider this plugin. It provides you with an Ajax-based login form for your frontend. After a click on a “login button,” the login window opens and allows for logins without having to leave the website.

Secure Frontend Ajax Login

The option to guide users to a specific page after the login is another goodie.

Secure Frontend Ajax Login (Free, WordPress) →

7 – Custom Landing Pages – LeadMagic

Custom Landing Pages – LeadMagic

After installation, you have to register for a free account at RegistrationMagic, allowing you to use the plugin for free from that point onwards. This way, you get to create and design new landing pages in no time.

Custom Landing Pages – LeadMagic (Free, WordPress) →

8 – Nzymes

You want to be able to execute PHP code in your posts or pages? This tiny plugin allows you to do just that.

Nzymes (Free, WordPress) →

9 – WooAdvance Settings

This plugin contains additional, useful settings for your WooCommerce shop. For instance, you can easily alter the amount of displayed products in a column.

WooAdvance Settings
An Extract of the Possible Settings.

WooAdvance Settings (Free, WordPress) →

10 – Accordions or FAQs

If you want to create an FAQ page in your project, this plugin is just what you’re looking for. It provides plenty of customization options, helping you find a design you like. Watch the video on the plugin.

Accordions or FAQs (Free, WordPress) →


There are a couple of excellent plugins in this selection. The “Tabbed Editor,” as well as the “Secure Frontend Ajax Login” impressed me. I’ll definitely use the login plugin in a customer project, as it generates a real added value for the user.