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What’s the deal with declaring font properties on @font-face?

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I hope you read that title out loud in your best Seinfeld impression. A recent question in our forums made me aware that there are more properties that can be added to @font-face than the usual font-family and src suspects. What are the point of those?...

Critical Web Fonts

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Zach Leatherman outlines a new method for loading webfonts whereby the process can be broken up into two stages: ...instead of a full Roman webfont in the first stage, it loads a small subset of the Roman webfont, in this case with only the uppercase a...

TypeKit Starts Using Native Font Loading API

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Typekit has updated the WebFont Loader project with support for the new CSS font loading API: Before the introduction of the native API, we detected font loading by inserting test elements in the page. These elements were regularly polled for width to ...