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Recreating Legendary 8-bit Games Music with the Web Audio API

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Greg Hovanesyan, who recently posted here an Introduction to the Web Audio API, follows up with another huge post on how to use it to create iconic music from our nerds past, like sounds from The Legend of Zelda and Metroid. The final demo comes as a p...

Reactive Audio WebVR

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Virtual reality has become a thing again! All of the usual suspects are involved: HTC, Microsoft, Samsung, and Facebook, among others, are all peddling their respective devices. These predictable players shouldn’t be having all the fun, though! You m...

Creating an Accessible Breakout Game Using Web Audio and SVG

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As the co-author of Babylon.js, a WebGL gaming engine, I was always felt a little uneasy listening to folks discuss accessibility best practices at web conferences. The content created with Babylon.js is indeed completely inaccessible to blind people. ...