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HTML Templates via JavaScript Template Literals

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You know those super cool backticks-for-strings in new JavaScript? let emotion = `happy`; let sentence = `Chris is feeling ${emotion}`; Besides the variable interpolation in there being mighty handy, the do multi-line strings wonderfully, making them ...

Reactive UI’s with VanillaJS – Part 1: Pure Functional Style

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Last month Chris Coyier wrote a post investigating the question, "When Does a Project Need React?" In other words, when do the benefits of using React (acting as a stand-in for data-driven web frameworks in general), rather than server-side templates a...

Template Literals

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The Template Literal, introduced in ES6, is a new way to create a string. With it comes new features that allow us more control over dynamic strings in our programs. Gone will be the days of long string concatenation! To create a template literal, inst...