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The Media Object, A Bunch of Ways

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The Media Object pattern is: image thingy on the left, heading and text on the right. That's what Nicole Sullivan called it and the name stuck. It's a pretty simple pattern, but like all things web design, it can be done many ways. Bootstrap's versi...

A Table With Borders Only On The Inside

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You know, like a tic-tac-toe board. I was just pondering how to do this the other day, as one does. There are three ways I can think of. One involves a good handful of rules and is the way I intuitively think of, one involves a deprecated attribute, an...

Should you have defaults styles for `table`?

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Luke Underwood wrote in with an interesting question: What are the best practices for default <table> styling? I guess there are three possibilities: Have default styles Don't Somewhere in between Luke elaborates: Our office is split on the id...