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Managing State in Angular 2 Apps with ngrx/store

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[special]The components we build for our web applications often contain state. Connecting components can lead to sharing mutable state: this is difficult to manage and leads to inconsistency. What if we have one place where we mutate the state and let ...

Managing State in Aurelia: How to Use Aurelia with Redux

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Nowadays, when developing a web app, a lot of focus is placed on state containers — particularly on all sorts of Flux patterns. One of the most prominent implementations of Flux is Redux . For those of you who haven't caught the hype train yet, Redu...

Redux without React — State Management in Vanilla JavaScript

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I am one of those developers who likes to do things from scratch and get to know how everything works. Although I am aware of the (unnecessary) work I get myself into, it definitely helps me appreciate and understand what lies behind a specific framewo...