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Front-End Tooling Trends for 2017

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Do you have more than two years' development experience? Are your advanced CSS skills aided with Sass and Autoprefixer? Is your JavaScript knowledge reasonable and you're happy using Gulp, npm, and jQuery? If so, you're a typical developer, according ...

Dock Show & Tell

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Someone wrote in asking about some icons in my Dock. I figured that might be a fun thing to share, and y'all can follow suit and share yours as well. I know "Docks" are a little Mac-centric, but feel free to share your most used apps on other platforms...

SQL vs NoSQL: How to Choose

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In the previous article we discussed the primary differences between SQL and NoSQL databases. In this follow-up, we'll apply our knowledge to specific scenarios and determine the best option. To recap: SQL databases: store related data in tables requi...