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The Next Smashing Magazine

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Congrats to the big team over there assembled to take on this major redesign process. Unlike our redesigns around here that are usually more like realignments with minor dev work and UX sprinkles each iteration, this was a ground-up rebuild for them. T...

Redesign v15 Notes

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Little redesign around here. As ever, it's just a start. It will ebb and flow in the weeks, months, and years to come. There are bugs! There are little differences that might take a tiny bit of getting used to! You're always welcome to contact us and ...

The Lodge is Now Free

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No strings. Enjoy. Oh, also, I redesigned the site a little. "v14", if you're keeping track. Minor notes: Most stuff is the same. It's the same fonts, just using Source Sans Pro more and the type is in general a bit larger. Same organization. Same si...