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6 Pro Tips from React Developers

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We've teamed up with Open SourceCraft to bring you 6 Pro Tips from React Developers. Tip 1: Use functional components Tip 2: Keep your components small Tip 3: Understand how to handle this Continue reading %6 Pro Tips from React Developers%

React Lifecycle Reference Guide

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This is a reference guide to help developers quickly figure out which lifecycle method will best fit a solution they're currently working on in React. constructor(props) The constructor for a React component is the first method that gets called. This i...

An Introduction to JSX

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When React was first introduced, one of the features that caught most people's attention (and drew the most criticism) was JSX. If you're learning React, or have ever seen any code examples, you probably did a double-take at the syntax. What is this st...

Using Preact as a React Alternative

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Preact is an implementation of the virtual DOM component paradigm just like React and many other similar libraries. Unlike React, it's only 3KB in size, and it also outperforms it in terms of speed. It's created by Jason Miller and available under the ...


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As of WordPress 4.7 (December 2016), WordPress has shipped with a JSON API built right in. Wanna see? Hit up this URL right here on CSS-Tricks. There is loads of docs for it. That JSON API can be used for all sorts of things. I think APIs are often tho...

React Router v4: The Complete Guide

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React Router is the de facto standard routing library for React. When you need to navigate through a React application with multiple views, you'll need a router to manage the URLs. React Router takes care of that, keeping your application UI and the UR...

Getting Started with Redux

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A typical web application is usually composed of several UI components that share data. Often, multiple components are tasked with the responsibility of displaying different properties of the same object. This object represents state which can change a...

Sharing React Components Easily with Bit

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This is the age of components. Frameworks built for UI components, such as React, enable us to split our UI into individual, reusable pieces that can be worked with in isolation. In many ways, React components are not that different from other encapsul...

Writing Server-rendered React Apps with Next.js

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The dust has settled a bit as far as the JavaScript front-end ecosystem is considered. React has arguably the biggest mindshare at this point, but has a lot of bells and whistles you need to get comfortable with. Vue offers a considerably simpler alter...

To Redux or Not: the Art of Structuring State in React Apps

One common trend I find among most Redux developers is a hatred towards setState(). A lot of us (yes, I've fallen into this trap many times before) flinch at the sight of setState() and try to keep all the data in our Redux store. But, as the complexit...