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How to Build a React App that Works with a Rails 5.1 API

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React + Ruby on Rails = 🔥 React has taken the frontend development world by storm. It's an excellent JavaScript library for building user interfaces. And it's great in combination with Ruby on Rails. You can use Rails on the back end with React...

Setting Up an Angular SPA on Rails with Devise and Bootstrap

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This article was originally published at When I started programming my very first Angular single page application (SPA), I noticed the resources for setup and integration with Devise to be thin or fragmented. The most useful guide I ...

PHP vs Ruby – Let’s All Just Get Along

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Quite often you see developers who have a lot of experience in one language try to play with another, then make a rather quick comparison between the two. This comparison is usually quite worthless, but the clickbait titles get them a lot of traffic. I...