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Upgrading from PThreads v2 to V3: What to Look out For

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A fair amount has changed for the pthreads extension with the release of pthreads v3. This article aims to cover the necessary information for those who are looking to upgrade their applications from pthreads v2 to v3. If you're unfamiliar with pthread...

Parallel Programming with Pthreads in PHP – the Fundamentals

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PHP developers seem to rarely utilise parallelism. The appeal of the simplicity of synchronous, single-threaded programming certainly is high, but sometimes the usage of a little concurrency can bring some worthwhile performance improvements. In this a...

Writing Async Libraries – Let’s Convert HTML to PDF

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I can barely remember a conference where the topic of asynchronous PHP wasn't discussed. I am pleased that it's so frequently spoken about these days. There's a secret these speakers aren't telling, though... Making asynchronous servers, resolving dom...