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Video: Getting to Know Block Statements in JavaScript

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In this lesson, you will learn about how JavaScript lets you group statements, and why that can be useful. You will be introduced to the syntax of statement groups, and get an overview of how statement groups can be used for conditional logic as well a...

Video: Using map() to Create Lists in React

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In this video, we'll build our first list component. We'll use props, a plain old JavaScript Array, and the map() function. If you have no previous experience with the map() function, don't worry. This is a very gentle introduction to map() with bunch ...

Video: Shorthand if-else Conditionals with PHP

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In this screencast I'll show you how to make your code more succinct by using the ternary operator to write shorthand if-else conditional statements in PHP. Loading the player... jwplayer("video-5663").setup({ image: "https://d3rj1gznkm47xj.clo...