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Polyfill JavaScript Only When You Need To

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The following is a guest post by Pascal Klau, a trainee from South Germany, who dislikes unnecessary HTTP requests and broccoli. Pascal is going to explain way to use a polyfilling service in such a way that you might get away with not using it at all....

Loading Polyfills Only When Needed

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We had this question on ShopTalk just the other day. We're so (rightfully) worried about web performance, it feels like we shouldn't be loading polyfills all the time, only when we detect they are needed. Philip Walton: ... too many people building web...

Building an Image Gallery Component with Polymer

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Web components are becoming the future trend of Web application development. They allow us to group HTML markup, scripts, and styles into a reusable component. These components are part of the browser and hence don't need external JavaScript libraries ...