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Quick Tip: Solution to Paypal IPN Always Returning “Invalid”

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When developing with PayPal's IPN simulator, you might run into the situation where it keeps returning "Invalid" when verifying the message, regardless of the encoding you set or all conditions matching and being valid. The Paypal developers team is n...

PayPal Sans: The New Exclusive Font For PayPal

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PayPal has recently got a new custom typeface: PayPal Sans. Designed exclusively for PayPal by the Klim Type Foundry, PayPal Sans comprises of two sub-families: PayPal Sans Big and PayPal Sans Small, as well as 14 styles. As a custom font, PayPal Sans ...

Stripe vs Braintree: the Ultimate Guide

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If you’re developing an app that needs to accept payments, you will likely consider Stripe and Braintree as payment providers. They’re a new breed of full-stack payment companies that are friendly to both businesses and developers. They take care...