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Extending OctoberCMS – Building a Soft-Delete Plugin

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Developers usually stick with a new CMS for its simplicity and extensibility. OctoberCMS presents itself as a back to basics CMS, and provides an enjoyable experience for both developers and users. In this article, I'm going to demonstrate some aspects...

Building OctoberCMS Form Field Widgets like a Pro

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Creating your business website with any CMS requires you to make the back-end user friendly, and that means making the forms meaningful and accessible. In this article, we’re going to explore OctoberCMS form widgets and create a widget called Unique...

OctoberCMS CRUD – Building a Team/Project Management Plugin

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So far, we covered different aspects of OctoberCMS. This is a follow up article to discover how to use OctoberCMS for CRUD applications and take a detailed view at how to work with models, relations and controllers. Let’s get started. Requirements I...