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15 Ways to Write Self-documenting JavaScript

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Isn't it fun to find a comment in code that's completely out of place and useless? It's an easy mistake to make: you change some code, and forget to remove or update the comment. A bad comment won't break your code, but imagine what would happen when ...

ES2016: Should the Future of JavaScript Be Developer-Driven?

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Recently, it was announced that the next version of JavaScript (ES2016) will be comprised of a very small feature set, namely Array.prototype.includes (which determines whether a specific value is included in an array or not) and the exponentiation ope...

The Importance of Writing Code That Humans Can Read

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Have you ever finished a project in a single run without ever needing to look at the code again? Neither have I. When working on an older project, you probably want to spend little to no time figuring out how code works. Readable code is imperative to ...