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Web Design Trends 2016

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Web design is an ever evolving and changing process. What is in vogue today might fall out of favor tomorrow. We once used to have brightly colored pages filled with multiple banners and what not — remember, once upon a time, MySpace used to be t...

Ligature Icons via Pseudo Elements and Icon Fonts

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The following is a guest post by Jason Jacobson, a senior engineer for Minneapolis based startup LeadPages®. Jason shows off something I didn't know was possible: turning a string into an icon. This requires an icon font, and I generally refer SVG for...

Material Design Icons, Goodies and Starter Kits

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  It's always great to have a little toolbox with just the right tools waiting for you when you need them. What if you are about to start working on a new project which should apply the material design language introduced by Google last year?...