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Reactive UI’s with VanillaJS – Part 1: Pure Functional Style

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Last month Chris Coyier wrote a post investigating the question, "When Does a Project Need React?" In other words, when do the benefits of using React (acting as a stand-in for data-driven web frameworks in general), rather than server-side templates a...

Loops in CSS Preprocessors

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If you've ever watched old sci-fi flicks, you know how powerful loops can be. Feed your robot nemesis an infinite loop, and kaboom. Robo dust. Preprocessor loops will not cause dramatic explosions in space (I hope), but they are useful for writing DRY...

Memory Performance Boosts with Generators and Nikic/Iter

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Arrays, and by extension iteration, are fundamental parts to any application. And like the complexity of our applications, how we use them should evolve as we gain access to new tools. New tools, like generators, for instance. First came arrays. Then w...