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Projects Can Sometimes Be the Worst Way to Learn JavaScript

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This article was peer reviewed by Tim Severien and Chris Perry. Thanks to all of SitePoint’s peer reviewers for making SitePoint content the best it can be! One of the most surprisingly dangerous pieces of advice to JavaScript learners is to "just d...

Improve Your JavaScript Learning with Fun Experiments

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Learning never stops — especially in web development. Our industry is constantly renewing and improving itself, and so should we! Unfortunately, keeping up can be exhausting, but it doesn't have to be. In this article I will show you how small experi...

Six Simple Mind Tricks to Help You Learn JavaScript Faster

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When people try to learn JavaScript, or any coding skill really, they often run into the same challenges: Some concepts can be confusing, especially if you’re coming from another language. It’s hard to find the time (and sometimes the motivation) ...