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Securing Your IoT Devices and Services with JSON Web Tokens

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IoT security is a hot-button issue in today's world: there are more internet-connected devices than there are people, and the amount of data being shared has exploded over the past few years. However, keeping that data safe is becoming a problem just a...

Easy AngularJS Authentication with Auth0

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This article was updated on 11.05.2017 to reflect important changes to Auth0's API. Authentication for single page apps can be a tricky matter. In many cases, SPA architecture involves having an isolated front-end application with a framework like Angu...

How to Build an API-Only JWT-Powered Laravel App

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The Laravel API Boilerplate (JWT Edition) was made on the shoulders of giants like: Dingo API; JWT-Auth, by tymondesigns; CORS on Laravel 5 by barryvdh; In this article, we will learn how to use it to quickly create a fully functional API for an imag...