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My Laravel Package Building Workflow

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Packages are a really important part of the Laravel experience (just like with any other framework). Whatever we need to do, there’s probably already a package for it out there; ready for a composer require to bring some magic in. Some weeks ago,...

Local Composer for Everyone! A Conference-Friendly Satis Setup

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While preparing my technical materials for WebSummerCamp, I realized my workshop would rely on a fairly stable internet connection, as we'd have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of packages to install. Rather than rely on the gods of live demos, or p...

Can Symfony Apps Be Fast on Vagrant? Let’s Check with SuluCMS!

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In this short tutorial, we’ll set up Sulu and optimize on a Vagrant environment. Why a dedicated tutorial handling this? Besides the fact that Sulu has a rather complex initialization procedure, it is based on Symfony which is infamously slow on virt...