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The Best Tech Jobs in the World

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Over 4,400 companies are using Hired to find their next team member and with transparency into each company, you’re empowered to make the right decision about what opportunities you’d like to pursue. Say goodbye to pushy recruiters trying to sell y...

The Easiest Way to Find a New Job

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As a highly talented developer or designer, shouldn’t companies apply to you? On Hired the traditional process of finding a job is completely reversed. Hired expedites the job search process through an efficient system of: Companies competing for to...

​Sponsor: ​Hired – The End of Job Searching

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​Designers and developers are in demand, so shouldn't companies apply to hire you instead of the other way around? That's exactly how it works on Hired. Hired is a platform that gives you an easy to way to get jobs at top companies in SF, NYC, and 14...