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Using GDELT 2 with PHP to Analyze the World!

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Are you interested in political world events? Do you want to play with one of the world's largest databases? If you answered either of those questions with a yes, keep reading - this will interest you! This article follows up on the promise to use GDEL...

Harnessing the Google Maps JavaScript API the Right Way

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Google Maps is an online mapping service providing up-to-date road maps, business listings, directions, street-level photos and more. There are notable alternatives to Google Maps, such as Mapbox and Open Street Map. But in my view, none of the compe...

Google Maps Made Easy with GMaps.js

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Google Maps has proved to be a highly successful Google service, incorporating a range of invaluable tools such as Street View, Route Planning and Google Traffic. Many companies and organizations rely on Google Maps to provide their services – an...