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30 Sugar-Sweet Valentine’s Day Icons

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    So, you want to give your projects some extra love? With Valentine's Day coming up soon, we've got a fresh new set that consists of a delicious selection...

Freebie: Olympics Sports Icon Set (45 Icons, EPS, PDF, PNG, SVG)

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  This year, there will be 42 different sports and over 300 events taking place at the Olympics. Perhaps you have a project related to these upcoming games, or maybe you’ll be working on a project which is somehow related? Wouldn’t it be ...

Freebie: Summer Icon Set (40 Icons, PNG, PDF, PSD, EPS, AI, SVG)

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  You deserve a vacation, don’t you think? Now, you might need icons on your website to indicate that you're away, or even use some for your auto-reply. For whatever reason you decide to use today's icon set, we're sure they'll bring happy ...