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How to Integrate jQuery Plugins into an Ember Application

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With its ubiquity, jQuery still plays a vital role in the web development world. Its regular employment shouldn't be a surprise especially when using a framework like Ember. This framework has components that are similar to jQuery plugins in that they ...

Getting started with Ember and Ember CLI

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Ember has gone through a lot of changes over the years. One of the biggest ones has been the introduction of the Ember CLI, a command line utility built for Ember. It combines several features including generators, minifiers, CSS preprocessor compilers...

Building a Chat Application with SignalR

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SignalR is an open source library for ASP.NET developers. It's the equivalent of what Socket.IO is for Node.js (if you want, you can check out a comparison on Stack Overflow). SignalR can be used to provide real-time web features to your applications. ...