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Clippy: Visual Generator for Complex Clipping Paths With CSS3

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The CSS attribute clip-path allows you to make sure that not the entire content of a box is displayed in the browser by using complex clipping paths. This way, powerful effects are possible. The web app Clippy takes care of the coding for you. You comp...

10 Helpful Tools for Web Developers – January 2017

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Creating a website from scratch can be an enjoyable, interesting and engaging job. Though, along with compelling and thought-provoking tasks that as a rule make your day, there are stages of prototyping that can easily ruin all the fun with its banali...

Laudable Apps Collects the Prettiest iPhone Apps

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This right here is for esthetes only. And, as we all know, pure esthetes exclusively use iPhones. Tobias Reich from Frankfurt is one of those. He runs “Laudable Apps.” “Laudable Apps” is a collection of the prettiest iPhone apps... New Search Engine for Open Source Projects

Posted on: No Comments is a new project for web designers and developers. It helps you stay on top of libraries, modules, and frameworks from the open source ocean. Landing Page. (Screenshot: Noupe) Nimble Search Engine Ignores Platform Borders Li...

What’s Design Thinking and Why Should You Bother?

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Design Thinking means becoming more agile, speeding up innovation cycles, working in a more customer-oriented way. What happens if you don’t do that can be seen when looking at Nokia, Kodak, Blackberry, and other, previously successful, players. ...

CSS, Logos, Colors: Three New Tools for Your Design Toolbox

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Over the weekend, I stumbled across a bunch of new services and tools that could help ease the life of designers and developers. Among them, there’s a solution for appealing loadtime indicators, aka spinners and loaders, a service that dissects p...

On-the-Fly Image Overlays using Cloudinary

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Image overlay isn’t solely about having the right touch to create an amazing visual. You also need a great tool that simplifies the process. Cloudinary, a cloud-based image and video service for websites and mobile applications, is exactly the tool y...