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How Do You Hire a Designer?

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My friend Jeff just asked me this question. He was looking for a designer for a one-off graphic design job. He had the project all scoped out. He just didn't know how to do it. He's not a fool; he web searched around for stuff, but what you find doing ...

Getting Back Into The (Right) Deliverables Business

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  “Get out of the deliverables business” has become quite a mantra in the lean startup and UX movements. There’s much to love in that sentiment — after all, for every wireframe you make, you’re not shipping code to customers. ...

Hey Designers: Stop Being An Afterthought

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  There are reasons you’re still saying the same thing after all these years — still talking about how it always seems like design gets tacked on to the end of the process. You should be at the concept meeting, you say, where you can ...