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What Would You Pay to Make 27% of the Web More Secure?

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It’s Open Source Week at SitePoint! All week we’re publishing articles focused on everything Open Source, Free Software and Community, so keep checking the OSW tag for the latest updates. Scott Arciszewski, known on Twitter as CiPHPerCoder, is to s...

Using Halite for Privacy and Two-Way Encryption of Emails

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Cryptography is a complex matter. In fact, there is one golden rule: * Don't implement cryptography yourself * The reason for this is that so many things can go wrong while implementing it, the slightest error can generate a vulnerability and if you l...

Randomness in PHP – Do You Feel Lucky?

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This article analyzes problems related to random number generation used for cryptography purposes. PHP 5 does not provide an easy mechanism for generating cryptographically strong random numbers, while PHP 7 solves this by introducing a couple of CS...