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Functional Prog, Distributed DBs, JSON-Patch and More!

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This article is a review of the WebCampZG conference. All images are taken from WebCampZg’s official and Facebook page. This weekend, Chris Ward (the mobile channel editor at SitePoint) and me attended Webcamp ZG, the annual international web-oriente...

WebCamp Zagreb 2015 – a Conference You Must Not Miss

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What do the some most influential community members of the web development world, like Bob Ippolito, Jaime Levy, Premshree Pillai and Peter Chittum, have in common? They’re all coming to WebCamp Zagreb! WebCamp is an annual conference for web develo...

PHP Summer Camp 2015 Review

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You’re standing on a long pier, the last ten meters of which curiously belong to international waters despite being well inside the current country’s territory. As you climb the meter-high rock wall that forms a small barrier towards the west, you...