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Clean Code JavaScript

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Inspired by Robert C. Martin's book Clean Code, Ryan McDermott put together a repo with some software engineering best practices as they apply to JavaScript in particular. The repo has tons of great guidelines for beginning programmers, and good remind...

Cleaning up Code: Is Refactoring for Aesthetics worth It?

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Most development teams want to get their codebase into a better, more maintainable state. But what definition of better should be chosen? In many cases, it is not necessary to dig deep into Domain Driven Design (DDD) to achieve this goal. Sometimes, it...

Clean Code Architecture and Test Driven Development in PHP

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The Clean Code Architecture was introduced by Robert C. Martin on the 8light blog. The idea was to create an architecture which is independent of any external agency. Your business logic should not be coupled to a framework, a database, or to the web i...