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Random Interesting Facts on HTML/SVG usage

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Last time, we saw how the average web page looks like using data from about 8 million websites. That's a lot of data, and we've been continuing to sift through it. We're back again this time to showcase some random and hopefully interesting facts on ma...

(To use or not-to-use) Classes

Love me some blog debates! Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear. Direct Link to Article — Permalink (To use or not-to-use) Classes is a post from CSS-Tricks

Templates are easy to change. Content usually isn’t.

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There are two kinds of HTML: HTML that makes up templates HTML that is content I feel like some discussions about HTML are clouded by not making this distinction. For example, I like Harry Roberts approach to classes on header elements. Harry was ta...

Object-Oriented JavaScript — A Deep Dive into ES6 Classes

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Often we need to represent an idea or concept in our programs—maybe a car engine, a computer file, a router, or a temperature reading. Representing these concepts directly in code comes in two parts: data to represent the state and functions to repre...