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Communicating with Bluetooth Low Energy Devices in Cordova

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In this tutorial, you'll be building an attendance app using Cordova and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Peripheral. You'll create your own BLE peripheral using Node.js and communicate with it using a Cordova app. I assume that you already know Cordova an...

How to Prototype Beacon Apps with Estimote and Evothings

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Bluetooth beacons are an incredibly valuable way to set up location based triggers for apps. Estimote have a range of Bluetooth beacons that are quite easy to set up and experiment with. One of the tough parts of testing out Bluetooth beacons is that d...

Automating LIFX Lights With The LightBlue Bean and IFTTT

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The LightBlue Bean is a small low energy Bluetooth Arduino microcontroller with a built in 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor. It's quite an interesting way to add connectivity to objects via Bluetooth connectivity instead of Wi-Fi. It has dig...