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Benchmarking: Can AppServer Beat Symfony’s Performance?

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After the release of the first part of our Appserver series, it was clear through the ensuing discussions on both SitePoint and Reddit that we had touched a nerve for a good number of PHP channel's devoted readers. I also quickly realized this new (fo...

Appserver – Server Configuration, Dir Structure and Threads

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In the first part of our Appserver series, we discussed the very high level differences of Appserver’s architecture to standard web server stacks and got you up and running with an Appserver instance. If you missed that part, please take the time to ...

Appserver – a Production-ready PHP-based Server

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It has been just over a year and a half since the team at TechDivisionGmbH were interviewed here on Sitepoint about their paradigm changing PHP application server system called At the time of the interview, appserver was just breaking out...