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Functional JavaScript for Lazy Developers (Like Me)

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One of the core concepts that has driven my quest for knowledge about programming techniques has always been my own laziness. After all, what attracted me to computers back when I first started playing with them was the notion that they could do things...

Introducing: Chatbots with Our First Mini Course

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Most of you who visit SitePoint are on a quest to learn. When we run into a problem, we quickly search for a solution. If we’re not familiar enough with a web topic, or want to expand our knowledge in a particular skill set or tool, we look for quick...

Talk With The Experts: Chris Coyier

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Last week we held our highly anticipated live webinar with Chris Coyier! For those of you who may not know him, he is the Co-Host of The Shop Talk Show podcast, Founder of CSS-Tricks and Co-Founder of CodePen. With CodePen being one of the most popular...

A Lesson on ES2015 with Darin Haener – Live!

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ECMAScript, ES6, ES2015 — you may have heard these terms in JavaScript communities around the world. Why wouldn’t you, they’re regarded as the future of JavaScript! With that in mind, a couple of months ago we had released Diving into ES2015, a c...

Spreading the Word on WordPress Security

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When I say website security, do you feel excited, anxious or just unsure? Most people find it hard to love security, even though we know it's something that shouldn't be neglected or overlooked. WordPress users - did you know that WordPress powers a t...

Watch: A Lesson on React Props, Defaults and Modules

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React and ES6 seems to be on everyone's mind lately. Today I want to show you the ins and outs of React Props written with ES6. In this video tutorial you'll be learning about properties, defaults, and modules. Why? It will help you understand the basi...

Watch: Fetch Remote Data Using Guzzle

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Fetching data from a remote server has become a very common task these days. Unless you are very new to web programming, you must have, at some point, written code to fetch something from a remote server, be it JSON, XML, text or even an image. Most PH...

Watch: PHP Dependencies Made Easy with Composer

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Ever see that commercial where the couple is sitting down to enjoy an on-demand movie and they're suddenly inundated in a sea of movie boxes? If you're a PHP developer, chances are you've had that same feeling (minus the videos bopping your noggin) as...

Watch: Loading Images the Lazy Loading Way

Writing JavaScript can be a fun and challenging experience. Improving the performance of your website can also be an equally rewarding. You may have noticed that images on websites can be heavy and slow, but they don’t need to effect our initial page...

Watch: Prevent Brute Force Attacks on a Login Page

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Learn how to protect your PHP applications from Brute Force Attacks. I'll show you how in this screencast. Loading the player... jwplayer("video-5805").setup({ image: "