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Animated Image Pieces

After making the Developer/Designer Page Layout Concept we wanted to try out some different effects for the pieces animation on the image. There are quite a lot of possibilities to animate the fragments, so we made some demos showing the different effe...

Tool Tip: Sizzy Accelerates Responsive Designing

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Sizzy is a web app and a Chrome extension that provides a fast way of testing your responsive designs. And by that, I mean really fast. There are a bunch of tools that show you previews of your websites on all kinds of devices. However, I have yet to f...

A Beginner’s Guide to HTML5 Cross-Browser Polyfills

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The web can seem fast moving. New frameworks, tools, and even languages come and go. Yet many developers feel that they have to move as fast as their slowest user. New browsers are ‘evergreen’ — they auto-update unseen in the background witho...

How to use Media Queries in JavaScript

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If you thought responsive design was reserved for CSS layouts only, you'll be pleased to hear media queries can also be used in JavaScript. Continue reading %How to use Media Queries in JavaScript%

Why Is a String Called a String?

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Why is a string called a string? Have you ever given this some thought? We never use such a word in contexts other than programming for a set of letters sticking together, and yet - in programming it's as pervasive as the word "variable". Why is that, ...

One Illustration, Three SVG outputs

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Let's say we draw the same vector graphic in different design applications and export each one as SVG for use on the web. Should we expect the same SVG file from each application? On the one hand, we might expect each file to be the same because of ou...

Smart Text Detection and Manipulation in Images

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Everyday Web Developers are looking for better ways to enhance user experience when it comes to images. Often, when dealing with user uploaded or 3rd party images, there could be sensitive information which would call for the need to manipulate text em...